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“Melinda was our cleaning service “go to girl”. She did an excellent job. Very thorough. Came to our home and listened to our needs. Came up with a plan to simplify our lives, since my husband and I both work!”


“I’ve never used a housecleaning company before. I scheduled my cleaning over the phone. Two days before SAYS was scheduled to come to my house, I received an email reminder confirming the day and time for my appointment. The email also confirmed that SAYS would bring their own cleaning supplies and vacuum, though if I wanted a specific product used (I didn’t), I could provide that. I really appreciated not having to provide the supplies — one less thing to be concerned with.
Because I was not going to be home when they arrived (my teenager daughter was home on break), I spoke to the office manager to let her know what my cleaning priorities were.
Coming home to a clean house was so nice. At my request, they had paid particular attention to the bathrooms. Not only was the house clean, but the cleaning associate had left a pre-printed and hand-completed list of what had been completed in what rooms. My priority list was pretty long and my house was in real need of a clean, so there were a couple of items that did not get done (like cleaning out the fridge). I had told the office manager that I was prepared for that possibility. The cleaning associate noted on the the form that she did not have time to accomplish the refrigerator task. I appreciated the note so that I knew it wasn’t something that had just been forgotten or ignored.
I should also note that SAYS had to work around lots of laundry (clean and dirty), collections of books, etc. I’m sure it was not an ideal cleaning job for them, but they did a great job. They even took out one of the trash cans and hosed it out in the back yard (thanks to some kid who threw a can of soda away in the can without a liner). And the office manager offered in advance that the cleaner would do laundry while she was here, but I had other priorities.
I checked out the SAYS website. They do a ton more than housecleaning, including errand running and meeting repair guys at the house when you’re not home. I would definitely consider them for errand type stuff.”