• Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly
  • Seasonal
  • Change bed linens
  • Making of beds
  • Windows


  • Wash, Dry and Hang/Fold of your clothing
  • Bed Linens and Pillows
  • Bathroom,Kitchen and Entryway Rugs


  • Grocery
  • Gift
  • Clothing
  • Electronic
  • Back to School
  • Returns/Exchanges


  • Dry Cleaning
  • Prescription drop off / pick up
  • Post Office
  • Car maintenance
  • Airport drop off / pick up
  • Drop off recyclables and donations
  • Meal delivery
  • Library pick up and return


    • Gift Ideas, Shopping and Wrapping
    • Ship/Deliver Gifts
    • Holiday Decorating and Take Down Decoration
    • Design, Print and Order Greeting Cards
    • Label,Stuff and Mail Greeting Cards
    • Away from home check in service
    • Water lawn and house plants
    • Bring in mail and newspaper
    • Take trash to curb for pick-up and bring trash cans back to designated place


      • Taxi your pets to and from the vet or groomer
      • Check in when you’re on vacation (feeding, walking, watering, playing)
      • Dog walking
      • Medication
      • Clean up yard


    • Meet vendors for home services
    • Address and Mail invitations
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Accompany to appointments
    • Special Occasion Planning and Coordination
    • Meal Planning

Housecleaning – from light to heavy duty cleaning, whether you need a daily, weekly, biweekly, or once a month …we cater to your needs.

Laundry – tired of trying to keep up with piles of laundry? We can take that “load” off your shoulders. Whether you have a need weekly or maybe occasionally…let us help.

Grocery Shopping – let us do the shopping. You make a list and we’ll bring it home and put away. Want us to help you with meal planning… we do that too!

Errands - whether it’s dry cleaning, mailing packages, picking up or dropping off items for repair, any errand you can think of we can do for you.

Pet Care – need your pet walked daily? We can do that. We offer a variety of services like cleaning their bedding, liter boxes, cages, feeding or taking them to the groomer. We can even take them to the Veterinary for you.

Holiday/Vacation – going away and want some peace of mind? We can check on your home and take care of the mail and trash. We’ll even open and shut blinds, turn lights on and off and give it the appearance that someone is home.

Elder-Care – want someone to look in on your parent or grand parent? We can simply visit with them or we can help them with housekeeping, go with them to their doctor visit or bring them a hot meal.