1. What separates Simply At Your Service from other cleaning services?
    We do what other cleaning services won’t.  Windows, dishes, bed linens, hard to reach areas are all apart of our normal routine.  We take the time to understand your needs and will clean your home to your specifications.  We do all this and much, much more!
  2. Why do I need Simply At Your Service?
    We are more than a cleaning service.  We offer a multitude of services to help you simplify your life.  We want you to have more time to do the things you want to do.  Our staff is dedicated to providing tailor made services to support each clients needs in every way imaginable.
  3. Can you give me a quote over the phone?
    A: We prefer to come to your home and meet with you personally. Our associates will look at each room and listen to any concerns you may have. We take alot into consideration when preparing your quote.
  4. What is the cost of your services?
    A: The cost of housecleaning services will vary depending upon size and condition of each room.  We meet with each client to get a better understanding of their needs and preferences.  All of our additional services are offered at a flat hourly rate when added to the housekeeping services.
  5. What is the cancellation policy?
    A:  48-hour notice is required for cancellations.  Cancellations received less than 48 hours from the time of service will be charged $35.
  6. How can I make a payment?
    A:  For our client’s convenience, we accept Visa, Discover and Master Card as well as PayPal.  Payment shall be made prior to services being rendered.  A statement will be sent to you via email or postal mail each month.
  7. Should I tip the SAYS associate?
    A:  We pay our associates a fair and competitive wage and we do not require nor request any client to tip.  However, you are welcome to tip at your discretion.