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We could talk all day long about our logo design process. How we are experts in finding out exactly what your looking for. How we have great taste and always make our clients happy. Talk is cheap, scroll down and check out our logos.

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Logos that stand the test of time

Logo Re-branding

Trends and styles change, You and your business keeps evolving. Its time to revitalize your logo aswell. Show your clientele your still in touch with the times.

Changing a logo design or brand built up for decades can seem too much. “what about all our coffee mugs and t-shirts” we often hear. Well, you don’t have to change everything at once. Often a few small changes is all you need. Even so, if a huge multinational company can justify a complete brand change, so can you.

Colibri Woodworks Logo

Colibri Woodworks

Colibri means Hummingbird in Spanish. So naturally we would make a logo of one since hummingbirds are so cool.

Jupiter Holly Logo

Jupiter Holly

Jupiter Holly is Backpack company for girls. The logo has a feminine feel but also has a space funky space vibe to it. Lets inspire some future astronauts.

Ea Systems Logo

EA Systems

Electronics Adhesive Certification Company


Sports network dedicated to Extreme sports. The logos gradient of color symbolizes the many type of sports

Logo Design Sicktrix


Pinterest style websites focused on extreme sports. Mostly skateboarding and snowboarding.

Logo Design Northern Lights Garden Supply

Northern Lights

Indoor garden supply shop

Logo Design Mcm Rents


Industrial and residential tool rental.

Logo Design La Crosse Hike Connection

La Crosse Hike Connection

A hiking meetup in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Logo Design Cookie Copia


Sister owned bakery

Logo Design Colorado Youth Entrepreneurial Project

Colorado Youth Entrepreneurial Project

Organization involved in helping kids get interested in business.

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