Revolution Graphics

Revolution Graphics balances both art and science to provide website and graphics design. Bound only by the limits of our imagination we can deliver on any creative challenge. We have never let a client down and always exceed exceptions. Stop settling for good enough when you can build an image that makes you proud.

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Website Design

Right out of the box our websites work flawlessly on every device. We combined cutting edge technology with unique graphics design to make websites that load fast and capture the attention of your clients.


Logo Design

Nothing can bring you company more confidence the well-constructed logo. We want your logo to truly represent the image of your company. Find out more about our attention grabbing, clean, professional logo design.



Obsessed with color we needed to take printing into our own hands. We kept hearing from clients that our designs didn’t match the print. Found a solution in digital printing. Fast turnaround, great color, less waste and a fair price.


Graphics Design

Even if you can’t tell the difference between a good or bad graphics design, someone can. Even if they can’t they do at a sub-conscience level. Don’t deny your company solid graphics design. It could be the deciding factor between you and your competition.


About Revolution Graphics

Revolution Graphics has been on the cutting edge of website design for the last 14 years. For the last eight we have been working with companies all over the world. As you know the world is getting smaller every day. Advancements in technology and communication has made it easier to work from anywhere. We work from both Grand Rapids, Michigan and Costa Rica. Even though we could be a thousand miles away we still provide exceptional service as if we in-house.

Raphael Polniak Founder

Been designing with a computers since dial-up(early 90’s). Long before internet as you know it. Dialing into friend’s computers spending what seems like hours downloading a single image. Creating ans-ii art to add a little life to a text based system.

The Rise of AOLs

Then came AOL came to be. What I come to think of as the start of the internet. I remember having to convince companies why they needed a website. Going through the yellow pages, looking for those companies with the biggest ads. Companies willing to give me shot with this new marketing avenue. Those days are long gone, those days when being on cutting edge was easy. As simple it was, I managed to make a mark with little style and creativity. Adding life into a otherwise boring product.

Macromedia Flash

Flash was the first animation platform for the web. Finally, we could surpass traditional design boundaries. Making websites interactive allowing clients to experience the site rather than just view it.


As soon as I bought my first Iphone 4s I knew it was time to rethink website design. I started working on adaptive websites long before the term “responsive” became trendy. Responsive design should go without saying these days. Seems like the rest of the web is just catching up.

Native Applications

Foreseeing the future, we decided not to any energy in native applications. Not anticipating how much power Apple would leverage. Throwing a massive amount of money into a close system. Insuring they can get a percent on any new idea. Finally, with the help of Google and Facebook website apps are at a level they should have been years ago. Secure, fast and working offline. We can even port to a native operating systems if we wanted to.
When will the app store fade away, who knows? Wake up developers’ humanities progress is in your hands.

Animation is back

Apple and google both killed flash by not allowing it to port to their OS’s. You know why? 1. To keep the games on their app stores ($). 2. Flash had a lot of short comings. Well humans adapt as we always do. Once again we have animation on the web again. It’s even better than it was before and completely open. You’re only seeing the start now. Just like when flash first came out. All your see is pointless transitions of text or images across the screen as you scroll down. Soon games and useful animation will make for a better experience. Full on 3D not just simulating it.

The Future

We will always be on the cutting edge, helping push the internet along. We are gearing up for next revolution in graphics, Virtual Reality. Skilled in 3d animation and user interface this next phase is a natural progression. Do you want to work with a company that is always just catching up to web trends, or one that is actually making them. The future is going to be great, let us take you there.